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You can choose a different restaurant to dine in every night of your holiday if you wish. Sal Rei has over 20 restaurants offering all types of cuisine from Capeverdean, Italian, Spanish, Flemish and most recently Chinese.

Fish is obviously at the heart of Capeverdean cooking, being caught fresh everyday. Expect to see tuna and swordfish (serra) on most menus, along with whole small fish like Grouper.
Seafood is limited on the Island but local lobster (large crayfish), octopus, eel (moreia) and buzio are very popular.

Goat stew is a speciality, especially 'cabrito', the young goat which is very tender.

Cachupa is the local poor mans dish. It is a bean stew, served with either fish, eggs or a dried sausage. It is normally served as a wet stew in the evenings and fried off as a dry fried breakfast.

On the island chickens, pigs and cows are all kept and bred. Alongside this there is also imported meat.

Vegetables and fruit are imported each week so there is plenty of choice, although it is limited compared to Europe. Basics like potato, tomato, banana, papaya, cabbage and courgette are nearly always available. Some land is irrigated so locally grown fruit and vegetables are available in the right seasons.

To wash this all down the local Strella lager is available, on draught and with different bottle varieties available. Most basic spirits are available. And of course you must try grogue, and the grogue cocktail ponche whilst you are visiting.
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In our information pack (in the apartment on your arrival) is a full list of bars and restaurants.
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For souvenirs you will find many imported African souvenirs. You have to hunt around for true Capeverdean souvenirs.

The African market, near the old fishing pier, is worth a visit, but be prepared to haggle.
The pottery in Rabil is a lovely place to visit to watch people turn raw clay into decorative pottery pieces.

The ‘Un Click Por Un Sorriso’ charity shop sells many items made in Cape Verde to raise money for children’s projects. From items made at the pottery in Rabil, to beautifully hand crafted boats, to items made from rubbish, to paintings. Definitely worth a visit. Loja Ka Tem is a Capeverdean run souvenir shop that sells local made items, including food delicacies, grogue and ponche.

Our information pack lists many more shops to visit or just enjoy exploring.

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If you are self catering there are several places you should visit:

Fruit and Vegetable Market - right in the centre of Sal Rei this place is always a hive of activity. Our tip is to use one seller throughout your holiday as you'll get better deals.

Butcher - beef, pork, goat and chicken are always available. The cuts might be a bit different but the meat is high quality.

Fish Market - a very busy place. There are different fish available each day, depending on what has been caught. Most of the year you will find large yellowfin tuna and swordfish (Serra) for sale, expect to pay around 500 escudo (5 euro) for a kilo. There will also be eel (moreia), Grouper, breams, and many more.

Bakery - there are a couple of bakeries in town, and some of the Italian coffee shops also sell bread. It is freshly baked everyday and is delicious.

Supermarkets - there are several supermarkets in Sal Rei, most are owned by the Chinese. They sell mainly imported goods from tinned goods, to non alcoholic drinks, wine, spirits, frozen meat, frozen veg, cleaning products, baby items, toiletries, milk, eggs etc... Everything you need to survive.

In our information pack you will find a map with all of these places marked so you can easily find your way around.
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After sun, wind is the next main weather force renowned on Boa Vista. From January to March the wind gives fantastic conditions for wind and kite surfing. It is not important if it's your first or 100th time, there are plenty of excellent surf schools, or you can take your own gear to some of the more remote beaches.

For the slightly less energetic you can try stand-up Paddle boarding, pedalos, swimming, kayaking or surfing.

Scuba diving is fantastic around the island, with small reefs and ship wrecks to explore.

Snorklling around the calmer waters of Estoril beach, or for the more adventurous try the reef between Praia De Cruz and Praia Cabral.

For those of you who like to relax on the water, catamaran tours are a great way to see the coastline.

Deep sea fishing is very popular, and with a small group you can charter a boat for the day.

And, at the right time of year take a trip out to see the whales. (See Wildlife)
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The number one activity on Boa Vista has to be sunbathing with miles of amazing, deserted, sandy beaches to visit.

There is also a whole Island to explore. Visit the pretty and welcoming inland villages, the old lighthouse, the caves on Varandinha beach, the desert in Rabil, the shipwreck of Santa Maria. Hire a quad-bike or car for the day, or take a guided tour, and go exploring.

You could take a horse ride along the beach, go karting or go stargazing.

There are several walking routes that take in the rugged terrain, or we can hook you up with a walking tour company, who also arranges over night camping for longer hikes. Walking means you see some of the amazing geology in very isolated places.

At the right time of year take a trip to see the night time activities of the turtles. (See Wildlife)

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The sea waters of Boa Vista are rich with marine life. Scuba diving to explore this world is a very special experience.

The passing humpback whales between March to May are a joy to see.

Our special visitors, the turtles, in July to September allow for a very rare viewing of these vulnerable animals. See them laying eggs early in the season and then hatching and dashing for the sea later in the season. The turtles are in the waters around the island all year, just sit on a sand dune by the water and you might just see one.

Visit Santa Monica and be amazed by the sand crabs.

The best places to go bird watching is the Rabil estuary.
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