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Boa Vista Island

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Boa Vista is Portuguese for 'good view' and is the easternmost island of Cape Verde located in the Barlovento (windward) group of the islands.

It is an island of sand dunes, long white beaches, and clear sea. Originally named Sao Cristovao when discovered in 1480, the name Boa Vista caught on after sailors cried from the crow's nest of sailing barques "Boa Vista" (meaning Beautiful View). Settled in 1620, by Captain Rodrigo Afonso who obtained a permit for farming cattle and goats, it also developed potteries and weaving. With an area of 620 sq km, it is the 3rd largest island after San Antao and Santiago. It is 455 km west of the coast of Africa.

Although nearly three times larger than Sal, Boavista is a much quieter island, with Sal Rei as its sleepy capital. Of a more uniform, somewhat pentagonal shape, Boavista resort measures approximately 31 kms by 29 kms at its longest and widest points. It boasts some 55 km of unspoilt beaches with Curralinho beach (better known as Santa Monica) being the largest and most beautiful in Cape Verde. The island is essentially flat, with a barren interior of volcanic formations interspersed with palm filled oases, something of a dramatic extreme. The highest point, Pico d'Estancia, rises 390m above the landscape. An abundance of sand dunes, together with a surface somewhat rusty in colour, gives the island a lunar appearance in places. However, like Sal, the crystal clear, unpolluted waters provide excellent conditions for all forms of water sports.
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The island has a dry-tropical climate. Humidity is low. The average daily temperature ranges from 22°C to 26°C. Highs of 29°C are seen in July/August with lows of 20°C in December/January. Ocean surface water temperatures range from 22°C to 27°C, creating a maritime temperate climate.
There are two seasons, a dry season between November and July, and a "wet" season, with some (very rare!) rain between August and October. Daily hours of sunshine vary from around 6 - 7 between August and October and 10 - 12 for the rest of the year.
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Samantha and Matthew Risker


  • Thank you for the lovely birthday cake you baked for me Sam! It was beautiful both in looks and taste.
  • Super team!!!! very professional.
  • Our local contacts Matthew and Sam were friendly and available.
  • We were very well welcomed at the airport and at the apartment.
  • Mat e Sam sono stati molto disponibili
  • Very nice welcome on arrival and good to know about Matt and Sam in the same complex.

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